Capital Introduction for Hedge Funds and Trading Advisors

The Secret of Success

TCI provides hedge fund clients with Capital Introduction by offering a third-party hedge fund marketplace. These FREE  programs are designed to allow hedge funds and trading advisors who use TCI as their principal introducing Broker-dealer to market their Funds to TCI’s global network of sophisticated and high net-worth persons who are Accredited Investors and Qualified Purchasers. 

TCI’s Capital Introduction program:

•Must have at least $1 million in assets under management through TCI•Have a track record of at least one-year trading through TCI.•Participating Funds and Trading Advisors can post basic information about the Fund, the Fund manager and the Fund strategy. 

TCI’s Hedge Fund Marketplace:

•Must have at least $3 million in assets under management with TCI•Have an audited track record of at least one year or have done its trading through TCI for the last year.

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