Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities

TCI provides a variety of customer driven Trading activities in the fixedincome, currency and commodities markets:


• Commodities • Currencies 


• Derivatives • Emerging market debt 


• Global government securities • High-yield securities 


• Investment grade corporate securities • Money market instruments 


• Mortgage securities and loans • Municipal securities 



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TCI provides hedge fund clients with Capital Introduction by offering a third-party hedge fund marketplace. These FREE  programs are designed to allow hedge funds and trading advisors who use TCI as their principal introducing Broker-dealer to market their Funds to TCI’s global network of sophisticated and high net-worth persons who are Accredited Investors and Qualified Purchasers.

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We Offer Exclusive Services

TCI provides a variety of customer driven Trading activities in the fixedincome, currency and commodities markets:

01. Structured Notes and Products

Structured Notes: TCI can arrange and offer flexible and customized notes which can be tailored to provide specific levels of exposure, coupons, risk, yield, and protection to match a client’s market view and risk tolerance. Each note can be Euroclear/DTC eligible and can be issued with a unique CUSIP/ISIN to facilitate the settlement process 

02. Equities & ETF’s

From single stocks to a wide range of ETFs, TCI offers fast and reliable access to global equity markets. 

Through TCI’s global clearing relationships, Equity and CFD orders are routed through sophisticated algorithms placing orders across multiple venues in order to achieve the best result. 

03. Asset Backed Bond Offering

For qualified project candidates looking to raise project funds in the capital markets.
• Bonds arranged/underwritten by TCI Capital Markets.
• Interest rate and maturity term customized to project/issuer requirements.
• Project/issuer pledges acceptable collateral 2x value of the bond offering.
• All bond sales through TCI are on a “best-efforts” basis.

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